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Farmers’ Dialogue International – FDI –, part of Initiatives of Change (IofC) is focused on empowering farmer’s world-wide through shared experiences, discussions related to their needs and raising awareness of agricultural developments globally in the sustainable production of food.

The development of FDI activities give you an opportunity to support this worthy and life giving cause.

When you fill the donate form online, please, indicate the need which you wish to support:

URGENT NEED for Farmer’s Dialogue international

  • Need 01 - FDI has invited a group of farmers and FD members from Kenya and DR Congo (7 people in the delegation) to take part and contribute at the "Caux Dialogue on Land and Security" this summer. The budget is not quite completed : the personal contributions of participants and some grants cover around 90 % of the needs.

Please, send your gifts to complete the budget and help the group!

Other ongoing needs:

  • Need 02 – Annual fee to the IofC International Association (FDI is an associate member)

- Website participation 560 €

- Annual Association fee 280 €

  • Need 03 – Coordination costs

The development of initiatives and attempting to respond to requests for support around the world means increased travel and expenses for the coordination, empowerment and stimulation of projects: dialogue in India and Cambodia, teamwork in the Great Lakes Africa, Caux preparation. Since the beginning of the year, the expenses involved have been faithfully contributed by individuals amounting to 1750 €.

  • Need 04 – Unallocated Gifts
  • Need 05 – 5-Year Plan

FDI has worked on a development plan, which aims to enable it to continue and expand its activities. This involves more resources and efforts are underway to mobilise funding organisations to make it possible. Any idea or support is also welcome.

For further information, please refer to the Secretary (email) or to the treasurer (email)